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Lando Norris Refuses to Move to Monaco Citing Money Issues, Despite a Millionaire Dad

Lando Norris Refuses to Move to Monaco Citing Money Issues, Despite a Millionaire Dad

From relatively humble beginnings in Stevenage, Lewis Hamilton is living the high life in Monte Carlo. However, his younger compatriot, Lando Norris confessed that he may not follow the Mercedes driver’s lifestyle just yet. The McLaren youngster admitted that he cannot afford that kind of lifestyle.

However, Lewis Hamilton has been able to earn a lot of money during his F1 tenure, which includes six world championships. To make matters even sweeter, rumour has it that he could be handed a new Mercedes deal worth up to £60million. On the other end of the wage scale, his younger compatriot is earning around £400,000.

So, it is hardly surprising that the 20-year old Lando Norris prefers to stay in his native Surrey. When he spoke to the media at McLaren’s 2020 F1 launch, he admitted, ‘I don’t earn enough to move to Monaco anytime soon. I have just got a new home down the road from the factory – 3 minutes 20 seconds in my car, driving within the speed limits.

Why is Lando Norris happy to stay where he is?

However, he also admittd that he is happier where he is in UK. This is because he likes being closer to the factory and his friends. All this instead of being away from them in Monaco.

However, he did say that he can look forward to earning in millions, in the future. For now though, the tantalising prospect of living in Monaco is not as important. This is especially in comparison with what he stands to lose out on.

Another confession was that he does get treated to double takes and the occasional odd stare. However, he is not too bothered by the attention, even though his fame is not as high as Lewis Hamilton’s.

With the 2020 season quickly approaching, McLaren will be eager to keep up their momentum from last year.

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