Lando Norris Sweats it Out and Helps the Team Pack for the Next Race

By 10 months ago

Following the Singapore Grand Prix, McLaren had a mixed day in the office, with Lando Norris finishing 7th. Sadly, Carlos Sainz got caught up in early shenanigans and ended his race in 12th and out of the points.

After the race, the young British driver stuck around to help the team pack up all their equipment. Most drivers would have left the track first and headed off home or to their next destination.

However, Lando Norris elected to stay back last night and help the team close up shop in Singapore. It was also note-worthy that he was not particularly happy with his race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

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Norris was angry that he and the rest of the pack had to spend the first half of the race driving at a slow pace to preserve their cars’ tire life.

“I’m tired but, because the first 30 laps were so under the limit, literally just driving around trying not to lock up or understeer, it was fairly relaxed,” Norris said. “It was more like a 20-lap race. It was kind of nice because I’m not as tired as what I could have been, but it’s not racing.

“We’re just sitting there doing nothing. It’s boring, it doesn’t look good for anyone, but it’s just because the tires are so bad.”

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