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Lando Norris Trolls Daniel Ricciardo with a Hilarious Throwback

Lando Norris Trolls Daniel Ricciardo with a Hilarious Throwback

October 4th, 2019 happened to be World Smile day, with everyone around the world going out of their way to spread smiles and joy. Even McLaren driver Lando Norris got in on the act.

Of course, since its Lando Norris, it was definitely going to be a good joke, and he delivered. He did a throwback to the pre-race press conference of the British Grand Prix 2019.

At the time, he was one of the three British drivers present, along with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Also joining them was Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo, who has a bit of a funny bone himself. Put the two together in a room and the math and banter will be hilarious.

The ball was set rolling when a question was pitched to Hamilton about Nigel Mansell and his popularity compared to the former world champion. That was when Lando Norris jumped in with, “Maybe it’s the moustache.”

Hamilton retorted that he couldn’t grow much, but Norris admitted he couldn’t either. That was when Ricciardo, on Hamilton’s right, leaned over and asked Norris, “Have you got pubes yet?”

It was at that moment that Norris felt an insane urge to laugh and struggled to keep it in. When the next question was pitched to Hamilton, the dam burst and poor old Lando Norris dissolved into peals of laughter.

Ricciardo, having been the instigator, reassured the media that the question itself was not funny. Finally, having gotten it out of his system, the press conference resumed without any more drama.

Needless to say, Lando Norris loved that moment and did not hesitate to get his revenge on Ricciardo and troll him. Honestly speaking, if Norris and Ricciardo were ever on the same team, it would be the apocalypse, as they would be the funniest team ever. Norris’ actual teammate, Carlos Sainz, is just as hilarious too, and the three of them together would be chaotic, to say the least.

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