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Lando Norris Trolls George Russell Over Claims That Williams Return in 2020

Lando Norris Trolls George Russell Over Claims That Williams Return in 2020

Lando Norris was back at it again with his ruthless trolling, and his victim was fellow rookie, George Russell.

Earlier, Williams driver George Russell declared that his team will not repeat their 2019 mistakes next season. So far, the Grove-based team have notched up just one point, courtesy a lucky break for Robert Kubica.

“I’m 100% sure we won’t have the same mistakes next year as we’ve had this year,” boasted Russell.

“I can bet my house that we will have a car from day one of the winter testing next year, and I’m sure and I’m very confident that we will be more competitive next year.

Admittedly, Williams F1 missed a chunk of winter testing, owing to to assembly issues with the FW42.

“We’re on a very good trajectory at the moment. Obviously, it’s always easier to improve when you’re starting off at a lower level, but the signs are good that we’re on a good way.”

Now, with just five races left, Williams F1 will be training their attention to next season.

However, Lando Norris could not resist jumping in on the conversation to troll his former F2 rival. The McLaren driver is always up for a joke or two, and nobody is safe from his trolling.

Both Russell and Lando Norris are largely viewed as the future of British motor racing. However, Russell has drawn the shorter straw compared to Norris and the latter is enjoying at McLaren. Meanwhile, Russell is struggling to stay off the back of the grid in his severely under-powered Williams.

He can take comfort in the fact that he has consistently beaten Robert Kubica on track. This is in spite of the fact that Kubica has brought in the team’s only point of the season. The Grove-based team have fallen very far from grace and will need a miracle to return back to the front.

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