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Lando Norris Trolls Racing Point for Failing F1’s Quiz on Twitter

Lando Norris Trolls Racing Point for Failing F1’s Quiz on Twitter

Formula One have a double-header, with the Hungarian Grand Prix coming straight after a frenetic German Grand Prix. To build up the hype for the grand prix weekend, the Formula One Twitter account posted a quiz. Needless to say, Lando Norris had a field day with trolling others.

Needless to say, the Racing Point F1 team failed the quiz miserably, scoring only 3 out of 10. So, Lando Norris, elected to flex his social media muscles and switch to troll mode. First and foremost, the ‘rather embarrassed’ Racing Point team tweeted, “We’ll show ourselves out.”

At that point, Norris noticed the background image was a picture of himself driving last year’s McLaren. He then tweeted, “I’m not sure what’s worse. Your score, or that it’s a photo of me for that score.”

Not to be outdone, Racing point fired back with a GIF and a caption saying, “Solid midfield runner”. However, while Norris may be laughing now, Racing Point were laughing round the other side of their faces at Hockenheim. This was because, they had a strong race, courtesy Lance Stroll in 4th. Meanwhile, Lando Norris would eventually retire from the race after being up in the points, so Racing Point could afford to be smug.

Now, heading into the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend, some more rain is expected, which will surely shake up the pecking order again, or not.

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