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Laver Cup 2020: Surprise News Revealed

Laver Cup 2020: Surprise News Revealed

Laver Cup revealed the location for the 2020 edition of the event, on Friday night. The organizers unveil the 2020 venue with a display showing “Welcome Laver Cup. Boston, 2020” at the TD Garden, Boston. It was uncertain whether the tournament would be held in 2020 with the Olympics coming in the same year. But the popularity of the event forced the organizers to set the stage in 2020.

Laver Cup

The location of the tournament rotates between the major cities in Europe and the rest of the world. The last season was played in Chicago with team Europe defeating team world 13-8.

The third edition of the Cup will be held from 20-22 September in Geneva. Due to the popular demand of Laver Cup will return to the Tennis circuit every year starting 2020. The event made a debut in Prague in 2017.

The Laver Cup was planned for 3 consecutive years starting from 2017 with a break in 2020 due to the coming of Olympics. But the increase in popularity of the event prompted the decision to organize the tournament in 2020.

Laver Cup

The managing director of Laver Cup, Steve Zacks said, “We initially scheduled the event for three consecutive years with the Olympic year off. But the strong demand compels us to build on the great momentum the Laver Cup has created by holding the event every year. 

The intense competition, great team chemistry, the black court, unique scoring system, innovative broadcast, and superb fan experience all contributed to a benchmark we aim to exceed in Chicago and each year thereafter. There is no reason to take a year off.”

There were rumors spreading that the Laver Cup, played between the team World and team Europe was going to held in Brazil next year. The 20-time grand slam champion, Roger Federer was invited to Brazil by Gustavo Kuerten.

The Swiss not responding to the invitation said, ” I would like to play in South America or more often in Asia, to get to know other sand tournaments as well. But it is difficult to change all the planning. I could do it with show bouts, they are also casual and cool. But since my knee injury, I have played almost no more.

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