LazarBeam ‘Breaks’ Among Us With Mods That Completely Change the Game

November 7, 2020 4:30 pm

Among Us has been a lot more fun since the content creators discovered mods. InnerSloth‘s indie game already has a chaotic meta, and the mods significantly add to it. The community has already seen an Among Us lobby of 100 players, thanks to Mr. Beast and Socksfor1. The next big name to spice things up in the game is Lannan “LazarBeam” Eacott.

The Australian YouTuber ‘broke’ Among Us with some mods and amazed his friends with the unusual activities:

LazarBeam trolled his friends while playing Among Us

LazarBeam didn’t inform fellow YouTuber Crayator about the mods, and his reactions were a delight to watch. Crayator didn’t expect a fellow crewmate to walk through walls and follow him blatantly. Naturally, he was convinced that brown (Lazar) was the imposter.

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On the other side, Lazar already knew the imposters and couldn’t care less about the meetings.

“These meetings mean nothing to me. My only goal is to make Cray go insane.” 

Crayator later commented on LazarBeam’s video, “Absolutely terrifying to play with this guy everyone, highly recommend it.”

From the looks of it, it seems Lannon accomplished his goal. After Cray, the Australian YouTuber confused his other friends by venting in front of them as a crewmate. He also used a mod that increased his speed, and the imposters couldn’t even catch him.

The most exciting part of the video was Lazar’s gameplay as the imposter. He had no kill cooldown and could walk through walls. As a result, he just sabotaged the reactor and killed everyone who entered.

Mods are fun, but only try them with friends

LazarBeam certainly had a good time as he won continuous games with the mods. But the YouTuber also requested his fans to use such mods only with their friends.

Among Us has a very simple interface that makes it easy to change the game meta. Owing to this, content creators around the world try innovative ideas and make the game more fun. However, some people use mods in public lobbies and this has affected the game severely.

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As for now, Among Us is still one of the most-watched games on the internet and the developers look forward to continuing the momentum. With an upcoming update, they are certain to remove hackers from the game and restore the community’s interest.

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