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LazarBeam Breaks Fortnite Kill Record

LazarBeam Breaks Fortnite Kill Record


To break a record in any game takes a lot of practice, patience and persistence. Games like Fortnite have it in their integrated design to make people work hard for records. Clearly, all records are meant to be broken, yet the journey to create a new is the best part. 

Recently LazarBeam embarked on a mission to get the most kills in Fortnite. To be honest, he was the first person to take on challenges like these before anyone had even considered them. He did, in fact, try his best to see how high playground kills can go.

As far as pushing yourself goes, Lazar set his goals to break off the greatest of all records. Basically, he would try every game mode and reach the highest possible kill anyone can achieve in them. Looking at his determination, we were quite confident that it can be done. 

Breaking records in Fortnite game modes

LazarBeam partnered up with Epic Games and started his struggle to take down all the challenges. He kick-started with squads to see how high his kills count can go. 

You cannot expect action right from dropping down, as one has to find the materials for the building before they get on with it. 

100 people in the lobby, can I get a 100 kills?

This was the idea that started off the challenge. Since rebooting was allowed, it helped make this challenge a lot easier. 

After everyone agreeing together, they kept going up these builds and dropping down to death. “How do you have 100 people with 132 kills,” he definitely crossed the impossible. 

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“Science never stood a chance against LazerBeam”

Confidence is vital; people often get shaky when taking up a task as tricky as this. He finally ended up with 160 kills in a squad format. 

He moved on to the Battle Lab to reach a 2721 bot kills, which took a lot of patience. Why does he do it? ‘Because no one else will.’  

Moving on to the creative mode – “the game was never designed to be pushed this way.” Partnering up with Epic gave him all the creative freedom he needed to finish his challenges and set new records. 

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