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LazarBeam Creates New Personal Benchmark For Daily Views On Fortnite

Published 05/04/2020, 8:53 AM EDT

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Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most popular battle royale games and has maintained its reputation among casual gamers as well as the competitive scene since its release. But recently not everything was smooth sailing for Epic Games‘ battle royale. From content creators like Ninja and SypherPK to competitive players like Tfue and Bugha. Everyone complained about the developers’ lack of communication or new content and also highlighted some issues that plagued Fortnite.

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Finally, Epic Games responded to those calls with the latest v12.50 update. The patch addressed a lot of these issues, including nerfing certain OP guns and aim-assist for controller players on PC. They also introduced a new no-violence social mode called Party Royale. Meanwhile, the Travis Scott virtual concert was a massive success, registering astronomical numbers with players flocking to the game for the events.

Now, another prominent streamer in the Fortnite community, Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott has highlighted the commendable resurgence Epic’s battle royale has witnessed of late. A few days back he also mentioned the game is still fun to play.


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LazarBeam smashes his daily view record on Fortnite

The famed Australian YouTuber took to Twitter to declare his new personal benchmark for daily viewership. He smashed his personal record by accumulating a stupendous 15 million views in a single day for content based around Fortnite. LazarBeam is well-known for his humorous nature and his tweet proves that he does have a good sense of humor.

His fellow content creator buddies such as Ali-A and Jacksepticeye congratulated him for his remarkable feat.


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Timthetatman took it a step further adding, “15m in a day? Bro teach me.”


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LazarBeam is one of the most significant gaming influencers within the Fortnite and YouTube communities. He has a huge fan following on all his social media handles. Earlier this year, LazarBeam along with fellow Australian, Muselk, signed a deal with YouTube to stream exclusively for the platform. As of now, LazarBeam has surpassed 13.6 million subscribers on his channel. Moreover, he amassed a monstrous 4.8 billion views for the platform. It won’t be surprising if he further goes on to break his new record for daily views in the near future.

Epic’s addition of fresh content and bringing in necessary balancing changes, highlights they are listening to the community. Of course, Fortnite is far from dead given the size of the player-base it possesses, the careers it has made, or considering the number of memories and friendships everyone made from it.

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