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LazarBeam’s Hilarious Guide to Winning in Among Us

LazarBeam’s Hilarious Guide to Winning in Among Us

With the rising popularity of Among Us people are finding out new ways to get better at the game. Additionally, with the game’s comical nature, a lot of these strategies are so hilarious that no one suspects the players. Moreover, they always make for a good laugh once the players are fooled by the strategies. YouTubers are milking this idea for content and adopting funny strategies to win games.

In a recent video uploaded on his channel, YouTuber LazarBeam shows a few tricks that impostors can use to troll the crewmates while also ensuring a win.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAicj35GUNs]

One word defense in Among Us

Lazar starts off the video by showing off his first trick. The gang had been playing a challenge where they could only speak a single word all game to defend themselves. Although they were finished with that challenge, Lazar thought it would be interesting to see if he could get away with it when he’s the only one doing it. Therefore, he went around killing crewmates and using the basic strategies to remain under the covers.

As soon as someone reported a body, he would start saying the word ‘interesting’ repeatedly. Even though people thought he was being really annoying, they didn’t suspect him for the kills until it was too late. Eventually, both the imposters killed the remaining crewmates and emerged victorious.

Pretending to Hide in Electrical and Check Vents Keeps One in the Clear

The other trick in his bag was to pretend to be a crewmate. Yes, that is what every impostor is supposed to, but this time he didn’t pretend to do tasks or solve sabotages. Instead, for a few rounds, while he was a crewmate, Lazar stood behind the wiring in electrical. His excuse was that he was trying to catch impostors while they travel using vents. The fact that he succeeded at the trick helped him set up the grand finale.

As the players entered the round, he knew he was the impostor. He ran directly to electrical and took his place. From then on, he kept sabotaging the lights to lure his victims. As soon as a crewmate entered the room alone he pounced at him to end his life. He accused his co-imposter in an early-round to keep the suspicion as far away from himself as possible. He carried out the facade long enough and played the game smartly and patiently till the bodies kept piling up. Eventually, it was down to three people and he got the last kill to end the round with a victory.

While both these tactics proved useful to Lazar, one has to keep in mind that he used them only after establishing his behavior to be the norm. These aren’t the tactics players can use right away as the weird behaviour would raise suspicion. However, players can definitely use them if they are playing a set of games. They just have to hope that none of the crewmates has had access to Lazar’s video or they are in for some trouble.

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