Genshin Impact, since its early September 2020 release, has continued to gain popularity all over. The free-to-play action RPG is set in the world of Tevyat. Published by miHoYo, this game features fantasy elements paired with gacha game mechanics.

One of the main objectives of this game is to go on an adventure with your ‘traveler’, in search of the truth about the primordial gods of Tevyat. The game gained popularity even before release, with 21.3 million pre-release registrations. As of now, it is the most successful Chinese video game in terms of international release.

The multiplayer is a lot of fun, with co-op modes allowing three people to team up and embark on an adventure together. But multiplayer cannot be unlocked unless players increase their Adventure Rank to level 16.


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A post on Reddit by user Colin10086 suggests that the game may get a big update soon, even though it released not too long back.

Read on to find out what to expect from this rumored update.

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Genshin Impact Version 1.1 update

Firstly, the update will reportedly bring two new characters to the game; Zhongli, a Geo-based character, and Ayaka, a Cryo-based character. Other characters have been leaked as well, but these two feature most prominently on most reports. Furthermore, both of these characters were available during the multiple beta tests for this game.


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Zhongli’s moveset has already been leaked on the mobile servers, pretty much confirming the leak.

Secondly, there is a leak for a new land coming to the game. The third land, Inuzuma, based on the Electro element, can supposedly be unlocked after Adventure Rank 34.

The other important leaks are the gameplay changes coming to the game soon. The update will apparently introduce a private messaging system in the game for friends to use, alongside eight new player challenges.


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There is some noise online that suggests all the leaks are false and not be believed. Players will just have to wait until October 12 to find out.

Genshin Impact is available for download on PS4, Windows, Android, and iOS.