LeBron James and Rick Carlisle Exchange Heated Words

January 11, 2020 8:28 pm

LeBron James and the LA Lakers registered a consecutive 7th win against Dallas Mavericks. The scoreboard reflected 114-129 when the 4th quarter ended. The tension was high during the match as was evident when a player and a coach clashed.

Rick Carlisle vs LeBron James

LeBron James and Rick Carlisle, the Mavs’ coach exchanged some heated words during the game. Carlisle called out LeBron and James and then reverted back in the same intensity.

Dallas was not in the form the last match as Lakers trampled over them. Most of the match was dominated by Lakers as the side from Texas looked rather weak.

The tensions kept growing as Luka Doncic tore down his jersey when he missed 2 free throws in the game. Then the Carlisle and LeBron incident made the match more heated.

The relationship between the two dates back to 2011. NBA Finals between Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat was the time when James and Carlisle met. Carlisle coached his team to a 4-2 win in the Finals against the Heat. It was Mavs’ first-ever championship. LeBron faced a shocking defeat from the underdogs in the Finals.

Lakers on a roll

The match that took place last night was a completely different affair though. The team at the top of the western conference completely made the Mavericks look like a high school side. LeBron took 3 pointers who found the net again and again. It was a riot against the Texans.

LeBron James has stepped up in the absence of Anthony Davis as he got injured in the match before. The hopes were all pinned on James who delivered exactly what was expected of him.

The streak of 7 wins saw Lakers win their 31st game of the season. The team has won their last 7 matches and lost 3 according to their L10. In all of their 28 games played, they have only lost 7 of them.

Whatever the scorelines, Doncic, Carlisle and LeBron surely made it an interesting match. The fights, the anger, the dominance. This game saw it all. Though it’s not clear on what Carlisle called James out, it sure was exciting to see that.

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