Lebron James Loves Taco Tuesday

January 14, 2020 12:36 am

LeBron James and his love for tacos is not a lesser-known fact. The tacos are one of the things that LeBron enjoys a lot, especially if it’s on Tuesday.

The September 2019 saw James go up on Instagram and share a video. The video was about LeBron James eating tacos and his excitement for the food. He announced to all his followers and screamed “You know what it is! It’s Taco Tuesdaayyy!”

This was the announcement where he showed that his family is having a Taco Night.

Their house custom mostly includes a howl in the end while screaming Tuesday. This is generally spoken in Spanish or a Mexican accent. This was received by the internet in warm and good humor which became a catchphrase of the superstar.

Trademark claim of the phrase

This went to become so big that Lakers man is moving to legally claim that phrase. The company named LBJ Trademarks LLC went ahead and filed a motion for the claim. This was done on behalf of Mr. James.

The motion was filed with US Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the phrase “Taco Tuesday”.  The company looks for claiming ownership which would restrict its use for entertainment purposes and as downloadable content.

“The filing was to protect the company from potential lawsuits should we decide to pursue any ideas, nothing of which is in development,” a spokesman for Mr. James said. “It has nothing to do with stopping others from using the term.”

The phrase catches on

This catchphrase caught up so much that LeBron had the fans chanting. In October of last year, James had his fans chanting “Taco Tuesday” at Staples Center.

The constant videos of James’ using this phrase have become quite a hit. His fans are loving it and have become routine for them now. Taco Tuesday is something LeBron is using a lot

His trademark was later denied as US Patent Office did not go ahead with his claim. Still, Taco Tuesday is now a part of his brand as he continues to show his excitement for it.

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