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Top 5 Legendary Manchester United No.7

Top 5 Legendary Manchester United No.7

In the realm of world football, few shirts have been as iconic as the legendary Manchester United No.7 shirt. From the the era of pre Busby Babes and pre Munich Disaster to the modern brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo, there haven’t been any shirt more quintessential and seminal than the Red Devils No. 7 shirt. EssentiallySports take a journey down the memory lane to take a look at the top 5 legendary players to grace the No. 7 jersey.

Manchester United’s love affair with the hallowed jersey #7 dates back to generations. The famous Scarlet jersey has been bejeweled by many legends; United’s number sevens have invariably attained cult status. It took pure genius, unparalleled inspiration and sheer charisma to be a true United number seven. The magic surrounding the famous piece of cloth has been surreal – it was as much a privilege to wear the celebrated number 7 for the chosen players, as for the mere mortals who got the opportunity to get bedazzled by the genius of these magnificent men.

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