“Let’s Do It”- MrBeast and WWE Superstar Cesaro Might Play League of Legends Together

January 22, 2021 5:27 pm

MrBeast started his YouTube journey by spending massive amounts of money in the most unusual ways, including donating it to random streamers and people. This genre of content soon gained popularity, making him one of the biggest names on the platform. To make more out of the box videos, MrBeast opened up a new channel in 2020 named MrBeast Gaming.

On his second channel, MrBeast primarily played games like Minecraft and Among Us- games that defined 2020. The channel currently has over 10 million subscribers owing to huge collaborations with the likes of PewDiePie, Pokimane and Corpse Husband. Naturally, he now looks forward to continue this momentum by trying out other popular games like League of Legends.

In a recent tweet, MrBeast announced he needs some people to play League of Legends. Unfortunately, he always plays the game alone and its high-time that someone joins him.

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It comes as no surprise that a plethora of people have already volunteered to play with MrBeast. This also includes popular entities from several walks of life like BadBoyHalo and Cesaro.

Several celebrities step up to join MrBeast in playing League of Legends

BadBoyHalo has his own crew and offered to play League of Legends with MrBeast. Considering his success in Minecraft and reputation in the gaming community, it is safe to assume that BadBoyHalo’s crew comprises some skilled players.

The Minecraft veteran hasn’t uploaded on YouTube from two months, and his fans around the world eagerly await a new video. To say the least, a collaboration with MrBeast could be the ideal comeback for BadBoyHalo and his viewers.

Surprisingly, WWE superstar Cesaro also prompted MrBeast to add him in League of Legends.

Apparently, this is not the first time that MrBeast has requested his followers to play League of Legends with him. He posted a similar tweet three months back, claiming that none of his friends like League of Legends. Team Liquid had then offered some players to the YouTuber who might have agreed to play with him.

As per Team Liquid, the offer still stands:

There have been several other replies to MrBeast’s tweet that could pave the way for some epic collaborations in the near future. These include premium hardware company Aorus, Esports organization T1, and League of Legends sports commentator Sam Hartman-Kenzler.

At the end of the day, it seems like MrBeast is not that lonely. With a single tweet, he now has thousands of players to accompany him in League of Legends.

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