Lewis Hamilton and His Business Ventures: How and Where He Earns His Money

January 12, 2020 2:26 am

Racing defines the life of British F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton. The podiums he won and the championships he claimed make him one of the best racers of the current era. Yet – he earns a whole lot more outside the tracks too!

Hamilton ranks 49th in the Richest Celebrities list and 13th in the Richest Athletes list. He earns $45 million from his races and around $10 million from his endorsements.

Lewis Hamilton and his Endorsements

Lewis Hamilton has been a product ambassador for Bose, L’Oréal, Mercedes, Police, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more.

He is proclaimed to be the wealthiest English Sportsperson with an estimated total wealth of around £130 million.

His sponsorship deals, although kept under wraps, pay him extremely well. Hamilton has been endorsing for IWC watches where we see him with a classic old F1 Mercedes next to him. He also wears BOSE headphones as the company’s ambassador.

Apart from cars, MV Agusta Motors have also been his sponsor. He also unveiled the high-end motorcycle company’s new launch of the bike F4 RC.

How does Hamilton spend his money

He spends the same way he earns. Hamilton bought 2 £2.2 million Mercedes car which has the same engine as his F1 car.

He got two of those cars, one for himself, and one for his Dad.

Sliding into Business Ventures

Lewis Hamilton also released his own line of clothing. In a partnership with Tommy Hilfiger, Hamilton will now have his own series of apparel.

“I like to think I’m quite good at choosing the business ventures that I enter. I like to think I have got relatively good foresight on a lot of things that I choose to be a part of and do.” Hamilton said.

Hamilton has not revealed publicly all the details of his gonna be investing. All these details do tell us about his entrepreneurial mind.

Hamilton recently invested in a burger joint. Neat Burgers is the first plant-based burger chain in the world. Hamilton himself being a vegan wanted to be a part of the restaurant chain.

“As someone who follows a plant-based diet, I believe we need a healthier high street option that tastes amazing but also offers something exciting to those who want to be meat-free every now and again,” Mr. Hamilton said.

The non-racing world business ventures of Lewis Hamilton are quite a few but the exact amount of money he earns from them is unclear. All the endorsements and the investments make him one of the richest superstar athletes.

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