Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen Speak Out Against DRS

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Ever since its introduction, the Drag Reduction System (DRS), has divided opinions. Some are glad that it helps boost overtaking, but others feel that it makes things too easy. Reigning world champion, Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen are among the critics.

For 2019, the new aerodynamic rules have stated resulted in larger rear wings, aiding in DRS. However, Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen fear the over-reliance on the overtaking tool.

Speaking to RaceFans, Verstappen said, “In a way maybe you don’t want the DRS overtakes. I would be a fan of trying to go away from DRS overtaking.”

“But at the moment that is a good solution I guess on some tracks where you can’t really normally get by.”

Lewis Hamilton

For this weekend’s race, an additional DRS zone has been put in place to further boost overtaking. However, Verstappen is of the opinion that the opposite should take place, owing to the DRS’ increased power.

“You can always make it shorter, the zones,” he continued. “I think over the years we’ve made it longer so maybe now you can make it shorter.”

The 5-time world champion agreed with the Dutchman and dubbed the DRS as a ‘band aid’. Lewis Hamilton mused, “Ultimately DRS is a band-aid for the poor quality of racing that we get with the cars that are designed. But it is what it is, you can’t change the fundamental structure of how these cars are and the wake that they create so they’ve got to find a way of making racing easier.”

However, he confessed that the inclusion of a 3rd DRS zone would be exciting. Lewis Hamilton is aware that the race will be far more tactical in nature and bring the pack much closer. Lewis Hamilton noted that the presence of a huge delta time between cars normally makes things difficult. But now, the 2019 rules’ effect on the DRS reduces that delta per lap.

The Bahrain GP weekend begins later today with practice, so will Lewis Hamilton be the Mercedes in front or will Valtteri Bottas continue his winning streak?

Max Verstappen
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