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Lewis Hamilton As Next John Wick? F1 Driver Practising For Action Movie Role

Lewis Hamilton As Next John Wick? F1 Driver Practising For Action Movie Role

6-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton is a bonafide superstar and one of the most recognisable figures. Aside from F1 though, the British driver does dabble in various extra-curricular activities and business ventures. He has interests in music, fashion, art and even films. Hamilton made a few cameos in the Pixar movie Cars, and was the executive producer of the documentary, Game Changers. He even had a minor role in the video game, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

What is Lewis Hamilton up to?

However, he confirmed in an Instagram post that he has another project in the pipeline, which is said to be an action movie. He wrote, “Excited to show you something I’ve started working on. I’ve always loved action movies and dreamed of one day being in one. This is where Keanu Reeves trains for his John Wick movies so I came here to start training for my first movie role. This is only day 1, was a super fun few hours in a safe professional environment. Keanu, gimme a call, man’s ready! big thanks to Taran Tactical and your amazing team for the time and patience with me. Had the best day”


Admittedly, Lewis Hamilton was silent on the name of the movie where he will supposedly make an appearance. However he may not be allowed to reveal anything just yet since it was only the first day. Until that time, Lewis Hamilton can only tease fans about his ‘secret project’.

As seen in the video clip, the 6-time world champion was brandishing a gun and shooting at various targets. Once he finished shooting, the others present in the scene praised him for performing decently, even though it was only his first day.

Whatever the case, there will certainly be plenty of buzz as this story progresses and all the puzzle pieces fall into place.

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