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Lewis Hamilton: Bottas partnership is ‘greatest ever’

Lewis Hamilton: Bottas partnership is ‘greatest ever’

Lewis Hamilton won his fifth world title at Mexico last weekend, etching his name into the record books as only the third man to win five titles in the history of the sport. And he has now called teammate Bottas the ‘greatest partner ever.’

“This year definitely there have been times when he has been fundamental in us winning races,” said Lewis Hamilton. “It’s the greatest partnership in terms of respect and teamwork from drivers that I’m sure has ever existed in Formula 1 probably.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton paid great praise to Bottas

Bottas, who had a run of terrible luck at the start of the season, played the part of ‘wingman’ to perfection, helping Lewis Hamilton immensely in his quest to win the title. And the Brit acknowledged it properly.

“We have such a huge respect for each other. I see how hard he works, he sees how hard I work. We don’t play games in between to try to throw off the [other] guy. In actual fact, we work together. There are times where I’ve figured something out in my set-up and I’ll tell [Valtteri], and there are times that I can talk to him and be open.”

“I’m very, very grateful to him as a team-mate and for the help that he has given me in achieving this incredible dream. So a big, big thank you to him.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton and Bottas worked together wonderfully

However, there were some controversial moments too during the ‘greatest ever’ partnership. The most unfair of them all was the incident in Russia. Bottas qualified on pole, led most of the race but was asked to move over for Lewis Hamilton.

It was the latest in several decisions like these, with Bottas also instructed to not attack Lewis Hamilton when the latter was leading the German GP. He also held Kimi Raikkonen up at Monza, allowing his teammate to catch up and eventually pass his fellow Finn.

Bottas has been a terrific driver, and will look to be in contention for the championship himself next season, provided his luck decides to stay with him.


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