Earlier, 5-time Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton claimed that Formula One has become ‘easy’ for younger drivers. However, McLaren driver Lando Norris strongly disagreed with his compatriot.

During the FIA press conference in Montreal before the weekend kicked off, Lewis Hamilton asked Norris how old he was. When Norris answered that he was 19, all that Lewis Hamilton could say was, “Shoot,”.

The Mercedes driver later confessed that one problem that was plaguing Formula One today, was that it should be “a man’s sport”.

He admitted, “A lot of youngsters come in and it’s quite easy for them to get straight into it,”.

However, speaking to the Telegraph, the McLaren rookie hit back at the senior driver. He took offence at Hamilton’s complaints about the cars being too easy for the young drivers. Lewis Hamilton main grouse is the power steering, which he feels, makes life easier for the youngsters.

Lewis Hamilton
Norris isn’t happy with Lewis Hamilton

“I don’t know why he would say it now, and not when he first started,” Norris said.

“It must be targeted at me, George (Russell) and Alex (Albon), because we’re the youngest in F1 and I’m not suffering perhaps as much as he thinks I should.”

“Well, he can ask his team to turn down the power steering if he wants,”.

However, Lewis Hamilton was not the only one who felt this way, 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve also agreed with the Briton. According to Villeneuve, the young drivers are robbing Formula 1 of “personality”.

Speaking to Diario Sport, Villeneuve said, “When all these 18 year olds come into our sport, it becomes banal.”

“The F1 leadership has decided to make a show out of the sport. But I think in the heyday, it was not a show but an event that was full of emotion.”

This weekend, the Formula One fraternity heads to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton is already the most successful driver there, having won six times.

Lewis Hamilton