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Lewis Hamilton is Complex, Reserved and Tough to Read – Daniel Ricciardo

Lewis Hamilton is Complex, Reserved and Tough to Read – Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo is said to have a fairly good relationship with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. The two have shared some good on track battles and some hilarious off court banters as well. They are often seen joking around the camera or in the paddock. Ricciardo labelled Hamilton his inspiration while moving to Renault, hoping to replicate what the Mercedes driver did with the team in 2013. Earlier this year, the two drivers bonded at the world famous Coachella Music Festival in California. In addition to that, Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton often joke around off camera.

Despite sitting on top of almost all record sheets and claiming 6 magnificent championships, Lewis Hamilton, in our opinion, still not treated by the level of respect by the media and fans alike. True, he has his fare share of fans and is easily among the most popular guy on the paddock, but in terms of recognition by his home nation, or by the media, he is often ignored.

This particular scenario was put forward to Daniel Ricciardo during the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix  and it was interesting to note that he labelled Hamilton a complex individual who is “hard to read”.

The Australian said, “Lewis is cool [but] … I guess he is complex. I have always had positive interactions with him, but I am not silly and I can see how people have other opinions. Whether it is his lifestyle, or that sometimes he can be quite reserved and you don’t get much out of him.”

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel RIcciardo

“He has admitted, too, that he is trying to find his own feet. He put on his Instagram account that he is trying to find his purpose in life so there are times when, I guess, he is trying to figure himself out. He means well, but sometimes he can be hard to read.”

All this comes to light especially since the 2019 season saw Lewis Hamilton involved in a few silly social media controversies. He was later ignored for Britain’s new year’s list of honours which further triggered the fans. Maybe Ricciardo is right after all. Hamilton is just a complex individual who is still struggling with things that are not related to F1 or racing.

Lewis Hamilton

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