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Lewis Hamilton Opens Up on Current State of Affairs in F1

Lewis Hamilton Opens Up on Current State of Affairs in F1

Lewis Hamilton

As the days go by and McLaren’s struggles in F1 continue, it looks increasingly likely that Fernando Alonso may well bid goodbye to Formula 1. And Lewis Hamilton was sympathetic of him.

“I would understand [if he retired], for sure”, Lewis said. “I do not think about Fernando in particular. I do not think the sport was unfair to Fernando. But my perception of the sport is another thing.”

He then went on to reveal what his perception actually was. “Do I feel that the sport is not right? Yes. We have big and small teams and there are two seconds between the first three teams and the fourth.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton was critical of the F1 ‘configuration’

“Ferrari can spend more money than Mercedes, Ferrari can veto all the  rules, nobody else can. It is definitely not perfectly configured. It could be great and I hope that when they make the new Concorde Agreement, it will be better for the smaller teams.”

“They can have a better platform for the younger drivers. It should not be only wealthy drivers coming in and I do not mean only in Formula 1”, ranted Lewis. “It is the same in all disciplines. You only have rich children come in, where it should be talented people.”

Lewis Hamilton is a powerful voice in F1 with him being a four-time world champion. When he feels that the sport is currently not ‘configured’ right, to use his own words, there must be some merit to them.

He is understandably not happy with the current state of affairs as he rightly pointed out about Ferrari’s shenanigans and the state of the smaller teams. His argument on rich drivers is somewhat negated by the fact that motorsport is expensive to begin with.

Kids from wealthy backgrounds do have a better chance of making it in the racing world but several drivers have emerged because of their prodigious talent and sponsorship gathered along the way, with Alonso himself being a prime example.

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