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Lewis Hamilton Wants Dash Changes After Virtual Safety Car Time-Loss

Lewis Hamilton Wants Dash Changes After Virtual Safety Car Time-Loss

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton bagged a strong second at the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Yet, despite grabbing 18 strong points, thus culminating in yet another podium finish, the 2018 World Champion doesn’t seem a content man.

So the point is, what is going on in Lewis Hamilton‘s mind?

Apparently, making some steering wheel changes, according to Lewis Hamilton, might be a nice idea when it comes to saving time that is lost during the deployment of the VSC or the Virtual Safety Car.

The above was apparent in the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix’ closing stages after the Red Bull of Pierre Gasly came to a sudden stoppage.

So what exactly is Lewis Hamilton’s point?

As of yesterday, at around the time when the VSC came to be deployed, Lewis Hamilton, who was then running two-seconds behind Valtteri Bottas was trying to desperately cut down the gap to his Finnish race-leader.

However, that said, Lewis Hamilton, despite saying that he cannot possibly advocate for anything strong in particular about the changes- for them being technical in nature- should there be any in the sport, happened to share the following:

“Ultimately Valtteri did a better job in qualifying on that last lap, which put him in the position to be able to fight. Then a fine margin at the start, which I’ll have to work on.

“And then I lost two-and-a-half seconds, or whatever it is, under the VSC, so had to regain that. With only nine laps to go, that was not so easy. That was my fault and something I’ll work on.

“There are some things I can fix on the dash to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

That told it’s important to state that upon the deployment of the VSC in a race, all drivers are to reduce their speed and are prevented from overtaking. While fundamentally, this does bring about a lot of change in the nature of a race and the complexion of its fortune thereof, there’s only that much that can be deployed for change.

Meanwhile, Motorsport.com reporting on the issue happen to share the following:

At the restart in Baku, Bottas gained time on his three immediate pursuers: Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Did this eventually play into the hands of the 2019 race winner at Baku? Well, it’s anybody’s guess.

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