Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton stormed to a 6th Formula One world championship this year. Naturally, this prompted talk that he only won because he had the fastest car out of anybody. However, Hamilton was quick to shoot down any such notion about Mercedes being the best car on the grid.

He cited Ferrari’s superior straight-line prowess, which has been quite impressive, this season. However, Ferrari truly got their act together after the summer break, by then it was too late to catch Mercedes and Hamilton.

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton was pleased with another job well done in 2019 as he moves closer to Michael Schumacher’s record.

Hamilton said: “You saw that advantage they had through the season, and even last year. They had a huge amount of power, but more so this year, out of nowhere, had a tonne of power and I really just think, at will, whenever they wanted they seemed to have more.”

“Winning world titles… there’s not a single driver in the past that’s won a title without having a great team around him. There’s not a single world tennis player that’s won a title without having a great team around him.”

“It’s part of the game and it’s how you navigate, and how you utilise those tools that are around you and those people around you to shape the future of the journey that you guys are on.”

He admitted that he was just glad to steer the team in the right direction in terms of development. The 34-year old was also happy about having delivered for the team when their car was quicker and also when they were not as quick.

He concluded, “Particularly that last year, they [Ferrari] were just too quick for us to beat but we out-willed them, we had to out-think them and we did that collectively as a team.”