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Lewis Hamilton Drops a Massive Hint About his Formula One Future

Lewis Hamilton Drops a Massive Hint About his Formula One Future

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is relishing his battle with the likes of Max Verstappen and Charles LeClerc. However, he knew on a realistic plane, that he cannot keep racing forever. He recently admitted that while he enjoyed battling with LeClerc and Verstappen.

Though the Briton is romping away to his sixth world championship, both LeClerc and Verstappen are keeping him honest.

Lewis Hamilton has battled them the last three races, though he downplayed their influence on his career. An allusion can be made to Spanish sensation, Marc Marquez, who motivates Valentino Rossi to continue in MotoGP. However, Hamilton feels that that is not the case with him at all

He said, “While they are young I still feel young and fresh so I feel I am racing pretty well.

“That may change in a short period of time, who knows, I don’t know what trajectory I am on with my age, if there is a curve when the gut starts coming and the greys start coming, but I think I am still a way away from that.”

Lewis Hamilton even considered the Italian Grand Prix as his first true battle with Leclerc. Admittedly though, it ended with some controversy as the Monegasque driver resorted to fairly robust defending. It got to a point where Lewis Hamilton was even pushed off track, and LeClerc was lucky to just escape with a black and white flag.

However, 34-year-old dismissed any suggestion of a lack of respect from the younger drivers.

“There is no lack of respect between drivers,” Hamilton replied. “I don’t have a problem, we are not in a fight, I congratulated him straight after I got out of the car.”

“I think Charles is one of the most respectable drivers. Today is the first time I’ve really come wheel-to-wheel with him and as I said when you arrive with a new driver you learn how they approach different scenarios.”

“Maybe you position your car differently next time, I would do a better job next time, who knows.”

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