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Lewis Hamilton Wants F1 To Get Rid Of Driver Aids

Lewis Hamilton Wants F1 To Get Rid Of Driver Aids

Lewis Hamilton

If you thought that Formula 1 wasn’t any competitive, well think again. Because probably, you are not aware of the fact that Lewis Hamilton doesn’t think so. Now, before we take our knives out and begin judging instantly- since, we are anyways part of the Insta generation- let’s hold our horses.

Let’s understand what Lewis Hamilton, not just a Mercedes driver but the man responsible for taking the team to a level of superiority that’s simply seeming unbeatable is trying to say here.

Lewis Hamilton has suggested that Formula 1 should be more competitive than what it is, at this point in time. But why does he think so and what is the exact matter?

The current leader of the 2019 driver standings is of the view that the present standard of cars have become such that it’s become quite easy for anyone to drive.

Well, what do you think? Is Lewis Hamilton merely trying to offer lip-service or he actually telling the world out there that Formula 1 can be- in fact, shouldn’t it be- more competitive than what it really is?

He was quoted as saying the following:

“This is not a sport where you need to do anything,” said Lewis Hamilton who would go on to add, “It’s not like cyclists for example, that need more blood flowing through the heart, or more oxygen. We’re not fatiguing. Honestly, cars are not hard enough to drive, they should be more physical.

“I think in 2021 they need to get rid of [certain driver aids] – not having as much power steering, for example. You should be physically, massively depleted afterward. I think that’s how a sport should be.”

So what do you think? Should F1 actually make the level of cars even more competitive and should it therefore seriously think on the lines of current championship-defender, an ace, no matter what his critics may feel?

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