Why Does Lewis Hamilton Feel Ferrari Aren’t Utilising Their Full Potential?

Lewis Hamilton
Irish Mirror

He had won the 900th F1 race held at Sakhir. He recently won the 1000th F1 race as well. And in so doing, he took his overall win tally to a staggering 75. This, it must be said, takes the defending champion closer, in fact, just 16 wins shy of matching F1 legend Michael Schumacher. There are no full-stops in Lewis Hamilton‘s life.

But what’s up with Ferrari, his rivals; a team he’s beaten fair and square ever since Sebastian Vettel took over the reins of the Scuderia stable in 2015.

Where the 2019 season goes, then Lewis Hamilton, in winning two Grands Prix, one each at Bahrain and Shanghai, has emerged the clear frontrunner on the grid. In fact, for someone who’s made winning such a habit, having clinched the 2017 and 2018 titles, there’s nothing new to note that Lewis Hamilton is the chartbuster hit if F1’s an album.


But recently, Lewis Hamilton shared his earnest two cents about a team that would simply love to beat the Briton and somehow, find a way to reverse the tide in Formula 1. Lewis shared that Ferrari weren’t perhaps utilizing their car to its full potential.

Lewis Hamilton
Vettel hasn’t been at his best, isn’t it? (The National.ae)

So what exactly is this developing story about and what did the 5-time world champion have to say in respect of the “Prancing Horse?”

Lewis Hamilton’s recent comments were actually in lines with Mercedes winning the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix as well as the earlier race, that was held at Australia’s Melbourne Park (in Melbourne). So when asked about how did his team manage to when while Ferrari lagged, this is what Lewis had to say:

“I think as a team everyone arrives and does their best job. With what we have, we are operating at its full potential. But there will be more performance improvements to come in the future, we will make steps forward.”

The above told, the Briton was perhaps implying at how Ferrari, haven’t quite been able to push the way Mercedes have, the Toto Wolff-outfit being on the money from the word go.

But of the things that Hamilton shared, something that Ferrari would be keen to make a note of is the following:

“They’ve got a good car, the Ferraris, it just doesn’t look like they’re extracting their full potential on a weekend and their execution is not always as faultless as they have shown in the past.”

At China, it did appear that the Italian team with arguably better straight-line speed would’ve dented some damage at Mercedes’ hopes of winning. Yet, what happened was exactly the opposite.

Lewis Hamilton
Have Ferrari been at their best? (India Today)

But all that said, it is perhaps Ferrari’s chance to respond and hit back at a team that’s been thrashing them for nearly half a decade. Although for that, what would be most important would be to see the team in red taking the top step of the podium first. Winning races consecutively and therefore, extracting the best from the SF90 would soon follow.