Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Three things cannot be undermined in the contemporary structure of Formula 1. First, Max Verstappen’s talent. Second, Charles Leclerc’s potential. And above all, the prominence of Lewis Hamilton.

Truth be told, the dominant nature of his wins and the fact that, as seen in the past half a decade, he’s made winning a bit of a habit, it doesn’t quite seem that Lewis Hamilton is bluffing when he shares about his fitness levels.

Not a man who uses laconic expressions. Not a man who functions on any form of doubt whether, concerning his or his team’s form, Lewis Hamilton believes what he says and the five-time world champion speaks from his heart. Recently, he happened to share that the current F1 cars are often so less physically daunting that he feels, he could even go for two to three races on the same day.

Whoa! Mighty claim, some may say. A bit over the top or perhaps something uttered in pure zeal, not many in Formula 1 seem to have agreed with the Stevenage-born champion.

In his own words, Lewis was noted as having said, “You should be so physically exhausted after the race, to the point… like a marathon,” he said. “Sometimes you do these races and you can get up and… I could do a race… I could probably do two or three races in a row and Formula One should not be like that.”

But it seemed that experienced team bosses such as Franz Tost of Scuderia Toro Rosso had a different view. Speaking on the rather taxing standards of physical fitness, Tost was quoted as saying-

“In my opinion, the current level of the drivers from the fitness side is the highest I’ve ever seen in Formula One,” said the Austrian. “You must not forget that we now have drivers who started motorsport when they were six or seven years old. That means that when they come to Formula One, they’ve already done 10 to 15 years of karting first and then the junior categories and I’m not talking about the Red Bull and Toro Rosso drivers.