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Lewis Hamilton Fu**ed Us All – Verstappen Unhappy With Mercedes F1 Driver

Lewis Hamilton Fu**ed Us All – Verstappen Unhappy With Mercedes F1 Driver

During the US Grand Prix 2019 qualifying session, there was a close call on the circuit. Apparently, while some of the drivers were on their out lap, Lewis Hamilton tried to overtake Daniil Kvyat.

Unfortunately, he failed to realise that Max Verstappen behind him was trying to do the same thing. The end result was the Red Bull taking to the grass, while the Toro Rosso had to go wide.

Immediately, the stewards investigated the incident, but they cleared all parties of any wrongdoing. However, Verstappen had a different take on the incident and blamed Lewis Hamilton.


He said on the radio, “Lewis fu**ed us all”, though he did manage to easily get into Q3, no harm no foul. However, he was furious about the close call between the three of them.

Speaking to the media about the incident, Verstappen said, “We were all lining up to do our lap to get to the last corner. I had Daniil in front of me and we were all just slowing down to make space.”

“Then Lewis just drove by like nobody was there and didn’t care. I was like, ‘Well if you don’t care, I don’t care’. I tried to get my position back, because everybody was just respecting each other at that point just to start the lap.That’s why it was such a close call.”

However, Lewis Hamilton had a different take on the events that unfolded. He said, “It’s just a nothing [incident]. I was trying to keep temperature in my tyres, everyone was driving so slow. There are no rules or regulations that stay you have to stay in single file. So I kept going and then he started to try and race me, which was fun.”

In the end, Verstappen ended up 3rd, with Hamilton down in 5th, in a race where he could wrap up the title.

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