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Lewis Hamilton Handed 3-Place Grid Penalty for Raikkonen Block

Lewis Hamilton Handed 3-Place Grid Penalty for Raikkonen Block

The FIA has proven that it’s not biased to anyone. After finding itself with a lot of controversy after Canada, FIA turned the tables and ensured it justified its power. Lewis Hamilton has been given a three place grid penalty for impeding Kimi Raikkonen in Qualifying.

This drops him down to fifth and makes things mighty interesting since both Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton are out of the top three after a long time.

During the Q1 session, Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen was on a flying lap, but came across Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes tried desperately to get out of the way, but to no avail. Hamilton was forced to go wide, while Raikkonen had to abort his lap.

Leclerc will be starting on pole after a brilliant lap saw him clinch it from Hamilton. Verstappen will join him at the front of the grid followed by Valtteri Bottas. The race is particularly important for the top three for their own specific reasons.

Leclerc needs a good win under his belt to instil some positivity in Ferrari. Max Verstappen needs a win too, or else his future with Red Bull will be more and more bleak. As for Bottas, he just needs to finish ahead of Hamilton to come back in the championship

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