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Lewis Hamilton Is Actually Happy With the Cancelled Practice at Baku

Lewis Hamilton Is Actually Happy With the Cancelled Practice at Baku

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has stated that he is feeling happy that the free practice at Baku, home to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has been canceled. But one wonders why.

The Baku circuit is, undoubtedly, one of the stiffest challenges for drivers to meet. This isn’t for the simple reason that it’s a demanding track punctuated by high-speed corners that demand heavy braking amid a setting that’s bereft of space.

It’s also owing to the fact that over the course of the past few years, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has unfurled some rather surprising results, with every GP being hampered by track incidents. Not that this would worry or surprise Lewis Hamilton one bit, the 2018 winner who actually has shared rather interesting observations about the Grand Prix venue.

So here’s what Lewis Hamilton, the winner of the last Grand Prix – F1’s 1000th race at China- had to say about the canceled practice session:

Apparently, making light work of the canceled practice session, Lewis Hamilton posted on social media that the truncated run would basically give him more time to catch up his favorite, Game of Thrones.

Interesting, right?

Apparently, a major accident that brought the Friday practice session to a premature end was the reason behind the whole saga. So here’s what happened?

Williams’ driver George Russell actually happened to run over a manhole cover which caused immediate damage to the floor of his car. The incident actually obliterated the underside of his Williams car. The event thus brought the session to a premature end, therefore robbing drivers of the opportunity to get some practice.

Lewis Hamilton, who was on the top step of the podium here in 2018, ahead of Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, doesn’t seem to be complaining. Now, here’s what is most absurd. Apparently, according to a finding by Renault, there are about 300 manholes spread all over the track.

Now, it’s not exactly clear if each of these have been placed at the right place thus enabling the free-practice to begin. That told, apart from Lewis Hamilton, other notable drivers at Baku include Daniel Ricciardo (2017) and Nico Rosberg (2016, in a contest that was then called the European GP). Although, in the next few hours, it could be anyone’s race, where the force of the Ferraris and Mercedes’ stand. Can Bottas clinch the contest?

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