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Lewis Hamilton Highlights Secret to His Fitness and F1 Success

Lewis Hamilton Highlights Secret to His Fitness and F1 Success

Recently, reigning Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton, made an appearance at the Gran Turismo World Finals. The 34-year old opened up on the few little things that he does, to ensure his success in F1.

Admittedly, Lewis Hamilton banged in a solid and consistent run to a sixth title this season. He confessed that, the better you get as a sportsman the easier it appears from the outside.

However, it would be presumptuous to think his campaign was pretty much smooth sailing. In fact, he has often been forced to dig deep on many an occasion to maintain his edge at the head of the pack.

The Gran Turismo World Finals were being held in Monaco, and Lewis Hamilton was a guest there. Speaking to the media at the event, Hamilton was quizzed by sim racers about the secret of his success.

As per Motorsport.com, he said, “This is probably different for everyone, and what I do now is different to what I did when I first looked at F1 and when I was karting. But it’s been a learning process.

“For me now, I do stretching, and this stretching is so important, particularly as you get older you notice it more. The stretching is super, super key. Also keeping your heart rate low with some breathing, I don’t do breathing exercises, but I focus on my breathing, making sure I’m centred.

The British driver makes it a point to know all the facts presented in front of him. He always, studies the lap and the settings that he changes during each lap. He divulged that that particular process is absolutely critical for him, as it ensures that he has all his bases and can do a good job on track.

The Mercedes driver even suggested that drivers must be relaxed during the race and it will reflect on the track. Lewis Hamilton also revealed that he actively tries to avoid stressing himself and simply focuses on doing his best.

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