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Lewis Hamilton Hits Back at Nico Rosberg for Lifestyle Criticism

Lewis Hamilton Hits Back at Nico Rosberg for Lifestyle Criticism

Hamilton-Rosberg relationship

There is a lot of love lost between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg over the years. Now, following the qualifying session of the British Grand Prix, Rosberg has criticised, Hamilton’s schedule. However, Lewis Hamilton was quick to defend himself from his former teammate and bitter rival. The 5-time World Champion insists that he perfectly capable of commuting from Los Angeles between races without adverse effects on performance.

Rosberg took a dig at Lewis Hamilton, saying that if he followed his regime of travelling from LA to the British Grand Prix, he would struggle to break the top 10 in qualifying. However, Hamilton dismissed claims that the constant travelling impacts his concentration and ability behind the wheel.

He said: “I do have five world titles and they didn’t come on their own. My preparation comes first and I’ve felt fantastic all weekend.

“The pressure’s quite high here being a home Grand Prix. I prepare the best I can but I do what I want, I don’t do what you think I should do or anyone else thinks I should do, and that’s what has led me to five world titles.”

Nico Rosberg

Speaking of the British GP qualifying, Lewis Hamilton made a small error in Q3. This allowed teammate Valtteri Bottas to snatch pole by just six thousandths of a second. The good news for Lewis Hamilton is that he can look forward to the race and getting a good start on Sunday.

He added: “It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day, you can only look forward. Valtteri did the job, congratulations to him and for us it wasn’t the best of qualifying sessions. It’s a long race tomorrow, I hope that I’m able to utilise the advantage we have of starting on the mediums.”

“Our setup suited the race track best. I think yesterday we really did struggle with it on the single lap. It felt great going into P3 but it actually deteriorated as we went through the session. I didn’t want to move too far from the setup I had as it works well in the long run.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton still has a vendetta against Nico Rosberg
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