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Lewis Hamilton Hits Back at Former Teammate’s Criticisms

Lewis Hamilton Hits Back at Former Teammate’s Criticisms


Lewis Hamilton has hit out at claims he’s having a fifth world championship handed to him on a plate.

His old rival Nico Rosberg has waded in saying he is about to be gifted the title.

Mercedes driver Hamilton needs just five points from the Mexican Grand Prix on Sunday to retain his Formula One title and match Juan Manuel Fangio’s total of five wins.

But the Brit has dismissed suggestions he hasn’t had to work for it and says the German and others should look at the bigger picture.

Hamilton, 33, said: “I see a lot of people saying things have been handed to us, which is taking away from the job the team and I have done.

“Just winning the championship has been the goal. When I won my first, one of the ex-champions said it would get harder to win a second.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

“And every one after that has got harder and harder to win a championship, even though you are improving.

“But I would say this one is one of my most enjoyable years given the things I faced.

“It would be the one I am most proud of and appreciate more.”

Rosberg has got under the star’s skin after his comments on Thursday.

“It’s all about consistency,” he said. “And he’s done the opposite. He (Vettle) has been all over the place really in the last few months, he and the team both together.

“It’s been so one-sided since the summer, it’s unbelievable. It was seemingly Vettel who was going to take the championship and it’s just gone completely the other direction with total dominance since.

“And it’s just the result of mistakes, and you’re never going to beat Lewis like that, because Lewis doesn’t make mistakes.”

Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg
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