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Lewis Hamilton – “I Am the Most Booed in the History of All the Drivers”

Lewis Hamilton – “I Am the Most Booed in the History of All the Drivers”

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was quite possibly thanking his lucky stars that he did not cross the finish line first. Practically ever Formula One fan knows that Italians are among the most passionate sports fans. So in Formula One, if a Ferrari wins, or an Italian driver wins, the loudest cheers are reserved for them.

Following the Italian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was asked whether he enjoyed the podium or whether he was disappointed at losing. The 5-time World Champion admitted, “It’s not about losing. This podium is the worst for me. I am the most booed in the history of all the pilots who have ever set foot here. So there is no way to like it”.

Afterwards, on Instagram, he wrote, “Italy, wow, your energy today could be heard across the world and for that I admire you so much.”

“The passion you show is really special. The booing isn’t so pleasant but it’s ok, I can take it. I hope that over time things change and we no longer see booing in such a beautiful country. No matter what, I wish all of you positivity and only good things in your lives.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

During Sunday’s race, there were a couple of hairy moments involving Hamilton and LeClerc. The Mercedes was catching the Ferrari quite rapidly, but as the saying goes, catching is one thing, passing is quite another.

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At one point, Hamilton was right on LeClerc’s tail and preparing an attack, but the Monegasque driver put in some robust defending. When the Briton tried a pass, LeClerc seemingly forced Hamilton onto the grass, something that the Mercedes driver was not too happy about.

However, it was worth noting that the Ferrari youngster only got a black and white flag. Lewis Hamilton was of the opinion that, had it taken place anywhere else, that moved would have meant a surefire penalty.

Too close for comfort
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