Lewis Hamilton

In a surprising confession, Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton has said that he is unable to eke out every bit of performance from the W10. However, with the team snatching five 1-2 finishes, it is easy to think that he is lying through his teeth.

However, there is a grain of truth, as Hamilton has struggled a few times this season. Case in point, in the last three races, Lewis Hamilton has been beaten to pole position by his teammate. So, he spent the day in the Mercedes factory in order to get to grips with the W10.

“The cars are pretty much set-up the same,” said Lewis Hamilton to RaceFans. “I drive the tyres slightly differently in the race. Often I’m able to eke them out a little bit longer. That currently is still a benefit.

“The car is obviously great but I’ve generally struggled with the car from Australia, [I’m] having similar kind of problems with the car since Australia. My qualifying in Australia was just OK, I was only a tenth ahead. When I get things right it should be different to that.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton may have won convincingly in Spain but he is not resting on his laurels

His primary concern was, ‘Was Bottas‘ driving style the key to him being faster?’. This was mostly to gauge if the Finn’s driving style was better for single lap pace.

“Valtteri’s settled nicely into the car, he’s quite happy,” said Hamilton. “I don’t know if it’s driving style yet, I’m still looking into it.”

“But there are definitely areas I will continue to focus on in the factory this week. I’ll be dialling in to try to really understand. And ultimately I’ll go around and talk to different departments engineering-wise and try to collate as much data as possible so I can apply it better in the next race.”

“Fridays and Saturdays have not been great days for me. The goal is to improve on them. But the races have been very strong performance-wise and pure delivery on a Sunday I’ve been really happy with.”