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Lewis Hamilton is Yet to Watch the F1 Netflix Series

Lewis Hamilton is Yet to Watch the F1 Netflix Series

While speaking to RaceFans, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton revealed that he has not watched ‘Formula One: Drive to Survive’. However, he did mention that the popular service approached him about a series surrounding him alone.

He confessed that he hasn’t watched many Netflix series, the only series he actually watched was the popular TV show ‘Stranger Things‘.

Lewis Hamilton admitted, “I haven’t seen the Netflix series. I don’t really watch TV series so I haven’t seen it. The only series I’ve watched is ‘Stranger Things’, and I can’t wait for number three to come out. I haven’t really got into the series, maybe I need to.”

Then, Lewis Hamilton went on to reveal the opportunity that dropped on his lap. He said, “I had an opportunity with them a long time ago, before that all came out and it was an individual thing. I didn’t end up doing it. And then the team were, I think, going to do something and that didn’t end up happening, Formula 1 ended up doing something.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Finally, he spoke about the varied reactions to the current series. According to Lewis Hamilton, there were a lot of mixed reviews on the series. He was glad to know that most of the reviews were positive.

“I think it’s been, so far, I can imagine it’s been good for the sport. People that don’t understand why would you watch Formula 1 grand prix see it on Netflix, I think it’s been good. So I hope they keep pushing it, even though I’ve not seen it, and I look forward to series two and all the things continuing on.”

Lewis Hamilton is currently gearing up for the next race on the 2019 calendar. What is special about this race in China is that it is the 1000th Formula One race ever held. It would be something truly special if he were to win this 1000th race and etch his name in the history books.

Lewis Hamilton has not watched it but has heard few glowing reports
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