Defending Champion Lewis Hamilton Makes Candid Confession About Himself

June 17, 2019 9:46 am

Three things in life cannot ever be denied. First, the sun. Second, the moon. And third, the truth. Drawing a parallel from what the enlightened one “Buddha” once said, here’s something about Formula 1.

Three things can never be denied. First, Mercedes’ dominance. Second, Ferrari’s struggles. And third, Lewis Hamilton in an ominous form. In fact, it could be said, that the first two are fundamentally, a result of Lewis Hamilton being in prime form.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense when Lewis makes a pretty straightforward confession about himself and his form as seen, of late.

Where the 2019 season goes, then the 2018 world champion has pretty much done what he’s often done in the top annals of motor-racing as seen in the past few seasons.

He’s been driving like a man possessed and a man who’s driven by just one thing and one alone: that is to win. And this year, Lewis has already bagged 5 wins in 7 races while his team have won each and every single contest since the start of the 2019 Australian Grand Prix.

All that said, Lewis’ confession about himself in lines with the above makes a lot of sense:

“Last year I hit that sweet spot at some point during the season, and started being really, really consistent,” Hamilton told Autosport.

“The races have been really strong, as last year, and I’ve not really dropped the ball in that sense, I’ve not dropped off.

“Last year qualifying at the end of the year was very strong.

“But it’s all to do with lifestyle, health, all those kinds of things, and they have a real impact. Also we’re doing a great job as a team.

“Whether or not we’re quickest on the weekend I’ve still got to do the job and deliver. I’m hoping that the rest of the year continues.”

With 14 more races to go and with Hamilton back to where he won last year, in France, it will make for some interesting viewing whether the Briton can win here again. So, can he?

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