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Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes Triggered Ferrari Switch Rumours: Former Ferrari Spokesman

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes Triggered Ferrari Switch Rumours: Former Ferrari Spokesman

For a fair amount of time, there have been a number of rumours surrounding Lewis Hamilton and a potential move to Ferrari. However, ex Ferrari spokesman Alberto Antonini is of the opinion that the pot was stirred by the six-time world champion himself.

For a period of time, Antonini led Ferrari’s press office until he elected to step away. He alluded to La Gazzetta dello Sport’s recent story about Lewis Hamilton meeting Ferrari chairman John Elkann twice.

He even revealed that Nico Rosberg also dropped by a few years ago, however nothing came out of it.

“In those days, there was talk about Ferrari being ready to go to the market to replace Kimi Raikkonen,” he told Formula Passion.

“Think what would have happened if that was filtered to the media. But nothing happened. And it was only Nico.”

“In the past, I even saw Toto Wolff in Maranello, and we even went to dinner – not just the two of us. But there was not a line in the newspapers in the following days.”

“When you want to keep a meeting secret, you can usually do it. So if there were rumours of not one but two contacts between Elkann and Hamilton, it is because someone was interested in putting it out.”

Antonini insisted that the origin of the rumour was not from the Ferrari headquarters. Although the Maranello outfit still have another year with Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. Unfortunately, the Lewis Hamilton rumour could potentially destabilise the team.

Antonini continued, “The rumour is much more likely to have come from someone for whom it is convenient.”

“Some will think it’s a way for Lewis to start the tug of war in renewing his Mercedes contract. But I rather see it as a way for Lewis and Toto to convince their bosses in Stuttgart not to turn off the Formula 1 tap,”.

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