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Lewis Hamilton not impeded by Vettel: FIA

Lewis Hamilton not impeded by Vettel: FIA


Lewis Hamilton was handed the win on a platter today as the Mercedes team asked Valtteri Bottas to move over, a decision which enraged a lot of fans and pundits alike. However, before the controversial move, the Brit made a fantastic pass on Vettel.

Check out the video below to see Lewis Hamilton make the Mercedes team’s mistake right:

However, one can see in the video that Vettel did not immediately leave space for Lewis Hamilton, which is understandable, but he also appeared to move twice, something which the rule-book explicitly states is not allowed.

The stewards did investigate the incident but deemed Vettel was not guilty of the offence. They have now gone on to explain that his actions were not actionable and he was within his limits to do so.

Check the explanation they provided:

This definitely is not the news everyone was concerned about though.

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