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Lewis Hamilton Opens up on How Badly Hubert’s Tragedy Affected Him

Lewis Hamilton Opens up on How Badly Hubert’s Tragedy Affected Him

During the Belgian Grand Prix 2019 weekend, tragedy struck the motor-racing world. Formula 2 driver, Anthoine Hubert perished in a horrific accident, which also left another driver, Juan Manuel Correa in hospital. A number of Formula One drivers were stunned by the news, and among them was Lewis Hamilton.

The 5-time World Champion confessed that Hubert’s tragic passing in Belgium hit him in the depths of his soul.

During that fateful Formula 2 race, Hubert collided with Correa upon exiting Raidillon. Other drivers involved in the crash were Marino Sato, Giuliano Alesi and Ralph Boschung. Fortunately, they emerged unscathed, while Correa continues his recovery in hospital.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton and the rest of the Formula One drivers had to race with heavy hearts. According to the British driver, the tragedy hit all of them very hard, and some like Daniel Ricciardo wondered if it was even worth racing.

“I’ve experienced that [before],” Lewis Hamilton revealed to Autosport“Obviously we had that in Japan [with Bianchi], we had that experience, but then I had another 11-year-old die on the race weekend when I was racing as a kid.

“So I’d experienced it before. And for a driver, it really hits you hard. I don’t know how it was for the other drivers but, for me, it hit me in the depths of my soul. It was really hard.”

“For the rest of that day and then the evening, I couldn’t go to sleep, I just couldn’t believe what had happened that day. I guess your mind is just working overtime, trying to get used to the reality of what has happened.”

Lewis Hamilton even cited the likes of Charlie Whiting, who passed away earlier this year. The paddock even lost Niki Lauda, but despite their passing, life never stopped moving. He mused that it was sad, but that was how life functioned.

Anthoine Hubert
Anthoine Hubert
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