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Lewis Hamilton Opens Up on Toto Wolff’s Future Amid Doubts of his Own Future

Lewis Hamilton Opens Up on Toto Wolff’s Future Amid Doubts of his Own Future

Lewis Hamilton may be the reigning champion, however, there are doubts about his future in F1. Although he is contracted for 2020, there is a cloud of doubt for 2021 onwards. To that end, the Briton suggested that he is thinking about it. However, he affirmed that it hinges on the future of Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff.

There are chances that Hamilton could renew his deal with Mercedes for 2021 and beyond. However, according to the rumour mill, Wolff is a prime candidate for a new role, namely with Liberty Media. Some say that he could be gunning for the position that F1 CEO Chase Carey currently holds.

Ahead of this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton admitted that he would love to stay on with the team. On the other end of the spectrum, he confessed that he could be swayed by Wolff’s potential departure.

Lewis Hamilton

He told the media, “I have obviously considered the next couple of years and naturally I know that I want to continue racing. I love what I’m doing and I see no reason for me to stop anytime soon. Of course, it’s nice to be wanted so hopefully soon we’ll get that sorted.”

“I know that being stuck in any position for too long can also not always be a positive so I always want people to spread their wings and do what’s best for their careers,” he said.

“I don’t know what that is for him (Wolff), only he will know. Naturally I don’t want him to leave, particularly if I’m staying in the sport. It is important to me and I am waiting also to see where his head is at.”

2020 will mark Hamilton’s eighth straight season with Mercedes since 2013, with 62 wins with them of 101. Admittedly, his tenure has reaped handsome rewards, both on-track and financial. The 34-year old is reportedly earning more than £40million annually in his current deal.

Toto Wolff
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