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Lewis Hamilton Praises Charles Leclerc for His Achievements in 2 Years

Lewis Hamilton Praises Charles Leclerc for His Achievements in 2 Years

During the post-race press conference of the Russian Grand Prix, race winner Lewis Hamilton was all praises for Charles Leclerc. The British driver was amazed that the Monaco native had achieved as much as he did in just two years.

The Ferrari driver debuted in 2018 with the Alfa Romeo, then called Sauber, and put in impressive performances. Ferrari took notice and when it became clear that Kimi Raikkonen was not going to continue, Leclerc was fast-tracked in.

Since then, Charles Leclerc has adapted pretty well to life at Ferrari and Hamilton acknowledged it. So far this season, Leclerc has picked up two wins and multiple podiums and is already a serious threat to Sebastian Vettel.

Speaking to Leclerc in the press conference, Lewis Hamilton said, “Pretty incredible it’s your 2nd year, your 2nd year and already in Ferrari and he is doing…is it four wins this year?”

Leclerc downplayed it and corrected him, saying that he has only two wins this season. Nevertheless, Hamilton was still quite impressed and Leclerc thanked the World champion elect.

Leclerc is slowly realising that he could establish himself as the next biggest threat to Lewis Hamilton. In fact, it transpired that he broke up with his girlfriend so that he will not be distracted from challenging Hamilton.

According to Vanity Fair, she said in an Instagram live feed, “Charles left me. He wants to devote himself only to Ferrari.”

When talking about the race itself, Leclerc admitted that it was impossible to catch Lewis Hamilton. The Ferrari driver ended up stuck behind the Great Wall of Finland as Valtteri Bottas’ defence proved rock solid.

So, from a weekend mostly dominated by the Ferrari duo, team orders and reliability for Vettel cost them a 1-2. Mercedes were quick to capitalise and turn it into a 1-2 of their own.

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