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Lewis Hamilton Responds to Nico Rosberg’s Comments

Lewis Hamilton Responds to Nico Rosberg’s Comments

For a fairly long time, 2016 Formula One champion, Nico Rosberg has been a big critic of Lewis Hamilton. However, the 5-time world champion has hit back at his former teammate and answered back in the only way he knew now, on track.

In his video blog, Rosberg declared that Max Verstappen is now a better driver than Hamilton. The German driver partially attributed it to the fact that Lewis Hamilton is 34-years old and Verstappen is much younger.

It is no secret that Lewis Hamilton had a strained relationship with Rosberg when they were teammates until 2016. After winning in Hungary, the Briton said, “I’ve never seen the blog. It has no influence on my life.”

“Whether he’s right or wrong doesn’t interest me, although he has the right to his opinion. But I think my records and results basically speak for themselves.”

“There are always people who did not have the success that I did who want to talk, but that’s ok.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

“I once read a book and it said when people talk bad about you, don’t take it personally because they’re actually talking about themselves,” Hamilton added.

When referring to Rosberg’s jibe about his advancing years as a top athlete possibly fading away, the Mercedes driver shot back, “I feel great.”

“I’m still fit. Maybe not fitter than ever because I was sick a week ago, but I wanted to come back strongly this weekend and I succeeded,” said Hamilton.

“I am 34, but I feel like I’m doing better than ever.”

Although Hamilton is no spring chicken, he has still proven that he is quick and competitive. This is evident in the manner in which he is advancing on his 6th career title in 2019. For him, this is the best way to counter Rosberg’s criticisms against him, and chasing records as an added bonus.

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