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Five-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton becomes the highest-paid driver

Five-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton becomes the highest-paid driver

Lewis Hamilton

He won in Bahrain. He stood on the podium at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix. He also won the 2018 year-ender at Abu Dhabi. And above all, he clinched yet another world title in 2018. And it doesn’t take one to be an Einstein in Formula 1 to note that Lewis Hamilton has perhaps made winning a habit.

Has he not?

That told, perhaps the only thing Lewis Hamilton hasn’t won, if it might be said, is the heart of Ferrari fans. This is a team he’s beaten comfortably and with sizeable ease. Is that right, Seb?

But truth be told, 2019 defending champion Lewis Hamilton has had a lot at his disposal by sheer effort and grit. It’s not the statistical pricelessness of having won 74 wins, 84 pole positions, 41 fastest laps alone.

It’s something beyond the realm of F1, a sport he’s enriched with an exhibition of pure skill and class, all of which have culminated into five-world titles. Who knows a sixth maybe in the offing. How about that, Lewis?

To that regard, one possibly cannot avoid mentioning the sheer army of fans that Lewis Hamilton has amassed in all these years. What’s more? Regardless of whether Ferrari fans admit or the purist continues to side with an argument that excuses Hamilton when recounting the names of greatest F1 drivers of all time, the Briton, it can’t be denied is an enigma.

And is there something else that one’s possibly missed out on? Well, here’s something you ought to know about the man currently trailing Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas by a solitary point on the drivers’ rankings:

Apparently, Lewis Hamilton has become the highest-paid driver in the top-echelons of motor-racing. In so doing, he’s overtaken German legend, Michael Schumacher. Currently, Lewis Hamilton stands only 2 titles shy of ‘Schumi’s’ grand collection of seven world championships.

Lewis Hamilton
image source: theweek.co.uk

But if there’s a different sphere where Lewis has already passed Schumi then its in his having become the highest-paid driver in the history of the sport. Would you believe it?

According to figures pertaining to Formula 1 Money, the man responsible for the usage of the phrase ‘Hammertime’ has earned an estimated $489 million. That’s £ 372.2 million. However, Michael Schumacher, still one of the sport’s greatest names has accumulated an estimated $464 million between the time period of 1994 to 2004, during which the ‘Kaiser’ ruled the sport with an iron fist.

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