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Lewis Hamilton can Beat Schumacher Records: Brawn

Lewis Hamilton can Beat Schumacher Records: Brawn

“I never thought I would be able to say it, but Lewis Hamilton really is the one who could beat Michael Schumacher‘s records,”┬áLiberty Media’s F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn said.

“He’s got everything under control. The quality that unites him with Michael and the great guys is that he knows how to win races that he should lose,” the former Ferrari technical boss added.

However, Brawn acknowledges that F1 is at a crossroads as he tackles the need to improve the on-track ‘show’.

“We want to remain the peak of motor sport, but still allow drivers to be able to fight each other and attract the fans’ attention by reducing the gap between the teams.

“Already in 2019 we will see some small changes, but we are thinking about really exciting things for 2020 and 2021,” he said.

Lewis Hamilton
Michael Schumacher

Hamilton is now on the verge of clinching his fifth world championship in Austin this weekend. It would take a massive miracle for Ferrari to delay the celebrations a little longer. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have been utterly dominant in the last few races. Red Bull faded away a while ago and Ferrari was another case altogether.

Mistakes from Vettel from Hockenheim onwards, coupled with poor strategy choices, did them in. This allowed Hamilton to rocket away with a 67-point lead. If Hamilton wins and Vettel comes 2nd, Mercedes would be forced to put the champagne on ice.

Anywhere below 2nd, would mean that Hamilton will be the 2018 world champion. So, can Ferrari and Vettel get their act together in Austin. Texas? or will Sheriff Hamilton reign supreme? And what of the Red Bull duo of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen? Will Kimi Raikkonen also step up to the plate for his teammate?

There are so many questions that need answering and just under a week to find out said answers.

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