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Lewis Hamilton Sends a Heartfelt Message to Niki Lauda

Lewis Hamilton Sends a Heartfelt Message to Niki Lauda

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton sent a particularly heartrending message as a tribute to the late Niki Lauda. The British driver was quite heartbroken at the news of Lauda’s passing and conveyed his feeling on social media.

On Facebook, he wrote, “My buddy, I am struggling to believe you are gone. I will miss our conversations, our laughs, the big hugs after winning races together. It’s truly been an honour working alongside you over these past 7 years. I wouldn’t have even been in this team if it wasn’t for you. God rest your soul. Thank you for being a bright light in my life. I’ll always be here for your family should they ever need me. Love you man. Your friend always, Lewis”

Hamilton’s tribute was one of many towards the Austrian Formula One World Champion. As it turns out, Niki Lauda was instrumental in luring Hamilton away from McLaren in 2013 and into Mercedes. In the end, the move seems to have paid off, with an additional four championships to his single championship in 2007.

Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda was associated with Mercedes when he was made the non executive chairman of the team. Since 2013, their fortunes changed for the better and the fruit of the labour was a World Championship in 2014. From that point onwards, Mercedes became a powerhouse and have been winning the Driver’s and Constructor’s championships till date.

Sadly, Niki Lauda could not live to see the Mercedes team dominate the proceedings once again. However, he can be proud of the fact that the team is in good hands, namely that of Hamilton and his teammate, Valtteri Bottas.

Niki Lauda has had a glorious and successful life and Formula One career. Even his horrific crash in 1976 was not enough to stop him from making a comeback and making eventual champion, James Hunt sweat.

Lewis Hamilton
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