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Lewis Hamilton Shoots Down Talks of him Joining Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton Shoots Down Talks of him Joining Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton

At some point in a Formula One driver’s career, there would be a desire to race for Scuderia Ferrari. However, Lewis Hamilton is not one of those drivers, and is perfectly happy at Mercedes.

Hamilton has been in Mercedes powered cars for his entire Formula One career. He debuted with McLaren back when they used Mercedes power, from 2007 to 2012. Then, in 2013, he moved to the works Mercedes team.

As of now, the British driver is set to romp to his sixth Formula One title this season. This will put him within striking distance of the record set by Michael Schumacher. However he seems unlikely to move to Ferrari when Mercedes still have a stranglehold on the title.

Speaking to Blick, he said: “For many Ferrari is the last dream of a career. I do not like that.

“Since I was 13 years old, I have belonged to the Mercedes family. That will hardly change.”

When pressed aout entertaining thoughts of a move in the future, Lewis Hamilton added: “Not really. Although I have no doubt that I could also change some things for the better there. But that is not my goal.

“It took six years to make Mercedes a winning team and keep it at the top. Now we have an atmosphere full of love, appreciation, admiration and respect. You do not just give that up.”

This weekend, the F1 paddock heads to Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix 2019. Mercedes have a fairly excellent track record, having won there from 2014 onwards. However, Scuderia Ferrari have had a great run of form in the past few races, ignoring Russia’s controversial team orders.

Had that saga not taken place, Charles LeClerc would have been primed to end Mercedes’ winning streak in Sochi. All this is assuming that Sebastian Vettel’s engine fails, as it did during the actual race.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton
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