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Lewis Hamilton Showers a Lot of Praise on Robert Kubica

Lewis Hamilton Showers a Lot of Praise on Robert Kubica

Recently, Robert Kubica announced in the press conference that he will not be continuing with Williams next season. In light of this revelation, Lewis Hamilton spoke about the Polish driver.

He praised, “Robert is one of the most talented drivers I know. Strength and determination is unique, few would be able to come back and compete on the level. We need the greatest talents in sport, in the highest form. I hope he stays with us.”

Robert Kubica made his official Formula One debut in 2006, midway through the season, replacing Jacques Villeneuve. 2007 was Kubica’s full-time Formula One debut, incidentally, the same year that Lewis Hamilton debuted.

In fact, Hamilton even admitted that Kubica was a fierce competitor back in the day. Back in 2008, the Briton revealed that Kubica and Fernando Alonso would be two of his fiercest competitors.

“I’ve known Robert probably the longest I would say, we started racing together in go-karts,” Lewis Hamilton continued.

Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica back in the day

“Robert is one of the most talented drivers I’ve competed against. I’ve seen the talent he had. It’s still there when you’ve had it.

“What’s remarkable is the strength and determination he’s shown particularly through the incident he had. Not a lot of people can come from those circumstances and make it back into the sport and deliver against others who don’t have the same situation he’s been in.”

The Mercedes driver confessed that it was great to have a driver of his calibre back. However, he did admit that it is not the same scenario as when he was in a more competitive team back then. In spite of all this, Kubica has performed well this year.

All the other drivers in the press conference room agreed, despite Kubica desperately telling them to skip it. Regardless, the praise kept getting laid on thick for the outgoing Polish driver.

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