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Lewis Hamilton to Take Toto Wolff to Ferrari in 2021, Claims Eddie Jordan

Lewis Hamilton to Take Toto Wolff to Ferrari in 2021, Claims Eddie Jordan

Lewis Hamilton may not be the only key figure from Mercedes F1 to switch in 2021. The six-time world champion’s contract ends in 2020. He’s been consistently linked with a move to Ferrari. Now according to Eddie Jordan, Hamilton will not be alone. Jordan believes Mercedes Team Principal and CEO Toto Wolff will join him at Ferrari.

Eddie Jordan believes that Toto Wolff will join Lewis Hamilton in a move to Ferrari in 2021.

Jordan thinks it’s the optimal time for Hamilton to move to Ferrari. Acquiring Wolff  as well will be a major coup for the Maranello based team. Over the last few seasons, Ferrari have produced excellent race package but driver error and poor management decisions cost them dearly.

Ferrari’s future driver line up and Mercedes future.

This follows recent developments of Lewis Hamilton meeting Ferrari Chairman John Elkann . Louis Camilleri, Ferrari CEO has downplayed the nature of the meeting stating it was an informal meet.

Sebastian Vettel’s contract expires in 2020. To add to their options, five members of Ferrari’s driver academy are participating in the upcoming 2020 Formula Two season. Ferrari ruled out bringing in Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen . In the event that the team do not re-sign Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton would be the most optimal driver to bring in.

It’s rumored Sebastian Vettel might walk away from Formula One after 2020. Jordan believes that’s the case unless Mercedes offer him a drive in 2021. However, that depends if they remain in the sport. They aren’t pleased with the 2021 regulations and have voiced opposition. Mercedes hoped Ferrari would veto the proposals. That event failed to materialize as Ferrari refused to exercise their veto power.

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton

Toto Wolff has admitted that Mercedes would not be able to stop Hamilton from jumping ship. What is surprising more people is the regularity with which the world champion has talked about Wolff’s contract. Lewis has gone as far to say, his future with Mercedes will depend on the contract status of Wolff.

Wolff and Hamilton have had a successful partnership over the last 6 years.

If Ferrari get both men it also helps Hamilton. It equalizes his status in the team. Ferrari are notorious for enforcing driver preference. With the team likely to retain Charles Leclerc who feels he has earned the top driver status. With Wolff in, Hamilton gets someone on his side who he is familiar with. Concurrently, Ferrari get a team principal who knows how to run the team.

The driver market heading into 2021 will be very interesting. 3 of the top drivers will be in the market. Eddie Jordan has usually made accurate guesses in the past. If this turns out true, Lewis Hamilton might be partnering Charles Leclerc in Ferrari from 2021. It’s enticing to see one of the greatest drivers in Formula race for the most successful team.

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